Lyfted Media joins Percolator Co-working Space in Downtown Norfolk, VA at MacArthur Center!

Lyfted Media joins Percolator in Downtown Norfolk


Lyfted Media will be sharing space with fellow entrepreneurs at Percolator’s fourth location in MacArthur Center. Percolator is a collaborative creative community for entrepreneurs, start ups, and innovators in the heart of downtown Norfolk.   Lyfted Media brings over 10 years in the aerial photography and cinematography field. As a professional licensed aerial photography company we have worked with clients such as Madison Square Garden, Sony pictures, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and NBC Nightly News.  We are looking forward to collaborating with the City of Norfolk and the rest of the Hampton Roads area. Percolator’s MacArthur location opens their doors on August 27th. Drop in and say Hi! For more information on Lyfted Media services please visit our website at or call us at 757-478-3312. 

Jimmy Olivero