Aerial Cinemetography

Elevate your next video production with aerial media. With over a decade of flying experience we supply creative and engaging aerial video for a variety of productions. 

Aerial UltraLights

Helium filled Aerial Ultralights are perfect for indoor flights and are safe to use above an audience. Expand your brand's reach and capture otherwise impossible arena shots.

Civil and INdustrial Construction

High resolution digital imagery provides a quick, cost effective, and safe means for monitoring construction progress and visually inspecting industrial infrastructure.


Aerial Cinematography
& Production

Our Aerial Cinematography has been used in a variety of productions including feature films, television shows, live events, commercial, corporate, marketing & sports.  As a full service production team, we operate a variety of platforms to ensure the right tools are being used for the right job. We are fully licensed & fully insured so contact us today to see how we can make your project vision a reality.


Aerial UltraLight Orbs

Aerial UltraLight Orbs are helium filled radio controlled camera platforms that can be safely flown indoors over an audience. They are perfect for concerts and sporting events, conferences, theme parks, shopping malls, universities, and more. Contact us today to find out the innovative ways we can use Aerial UltraLight Orbs to further your brand experience.


360° Panoramas

 360° Panoramas are an excellent way to provide a full future view of your project. Imagine, for example, being able to show what a top-floor view will look like even before construction has begun.   This is done through the use of manned helicopters or drones depending on the project requirements.


Civil & Industrial

We give you access to the hardest to reach places in the shortest amount of time with the safest methods. Whether it's Oil & Gas, Rail & Infrastructure, or Construction & Facilities, we have a proven track record of providing the highest quality data to allow you to make the most informed decisions quickly and affordably.


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